Jehangir Art Gallery-most visited art gallery in Mumbai

The Jehangir Art Gallery located in the Kala Ghoda is the most famous and the most visited art gallery in Mumbai. It is also a popular tourist center in Mumbai. Jehangir Art Gallery was built in 1952, by Cowasji Jehangir who took the entire expense in building the mansion in which the art gallery is situated. It is now managed by the Bombay Art Society.

Mumbai has a number of art galleries, Jehangir Art Gallery, Studio 3 Art Gallery, Artists Center Gallery, Birla Century Art Gallery, British Council Gallery, Chavan Art Gallery, National Gallery of Modern Art, Nehru Center Art Gallery, Piramal Gallery and the Taj Art Gallery to name a few. All these art galleries in the most happening city of India, Mumbai has their own position and importance in the world of art. Each art gallery in Mumbai showcases wide variety of artistry and different genres of painting. Different art forms and paintings from across India and abroad are displayed in the art galleries of Mumbai. Each of them can boast of both contemporary and traditional forms of art displayed inside.

The entry to the gallery is free of cost. It is situated near the Gateway of India

Fine Art Gallery San Diego Offers Amazing Art Work Online

Look for online fine art gallery San Diego that can offer you with quality paintings as well as photographs.


Usually when people think about fine art galleries they consider purchasing some expensive piece of art. Have you ever though the money you spending on piece of art are worthy enough or not? Art is something which should not be moderated on the basis of its price but it should be moderated on the basis thinking process of artist. Artist with good vision can bring in some exclusive stuff for you then be it new artist or experienced artist. Fine art gallery San Diego showcases some of the exclusive art work by known names and also by upcoming new names.

No functional use of fine art photography or paintings

Finer art is something that can give pleasure to your eyes after viewing it. When you go out in market and search for paintings or photographs, ensure that you spend money carefully on amazing art work. You are paying for an art and so judge work accordingly. Paintings you planning to purchase do not have any kind of functional use so accordingly carry out your purchase procedure. Fine art gallery San

Quality Scaffolding Engineer Drawing Sketching

Running a successful manufacturing business is an enormous challenge. Designing, creating and then refining goods and products takes real skill, vision and flair. Good manufacturing is all about having access to the right parts and raw materials as and when they are required. These companies need partners and suppliers who are forward thinking and flexible in their approach. When they need something specialist and hard to source, then they might need it really fast at short notice.Foam is used in the production of all kinds of different consumer goods. People may not realize that its use isnt just restricted to things like packaging. Specialist foam suppliers offer high grade technical foam to their customers to help them manufacture top quality products. There are hundreds of different types and as people might expect, it needs to be fashioned into all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Cutting to size is a precision process. One of the best ways to communicate one’s ideas is through some form of picture or drawing. This is especially true for the engineer. The purpose of this guide is to give you the basics of engineering sketching and drawing. We will treat “sketching” and “drawing” as one.

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The World's Largest Online Art Gallery

Generally a photograph helps us to keep our glorious past. Beside that it reflects the personality and social status and also helps to remind our past. So it can be said that a photograph is important for all. Nowadays an art gallery is a better way to publish photograph and popularity of art galleries has been greater than before in the world. Another important thing is that a photograph may show an historical event which was occurred by people.

An art gallery is a building or space for the exhibition of art. So it is a better way to publish images and image related information. A gallerys definition can also include the artist cooperative or artist-run space. Usually an art gallery attracts the people if it contains significant images. The purpose of the art gallery is to both highlight the natural beauty of the planet and to illustrate how the raw data can be manipulated to create entirely new works of art. A private art gallery refers to the commercial enterprises for the sale of art. In general an owner of art gallery he or she always tries to collect significant art. For this reason people go to art gallery to

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Online San Diego Art Gallery A Great Option For Art Lovers

Are you an art lover? Well online San Diego art gallery is the best option for you. Go online and buy the best painting for you.

The art lovers now have got a great news. They can now shop for their best paintings and art pictures online. San Diego art gallery has now gone online. The online art galleries are extremely beneficial. Do you wish to know how? Well then here are few things that will let you know how you will be availing the benefits of online art galleries.

Being an art lover the favorite past time you can get is to visit art exhibition. But have your think what will happen when two of your favorite exhibitions time and date clashes? You might have to compromise on any one of the exhibitions. But with online art galleries such a situation will not exist. You can now visit more than one San Diego art gallery.

These days the online galleries are making its place round the world. You can now trade in art of different places just by sitting at home. No need to make your special presence to the art gallery. You can now purchase your favorite painting

Modern Art For Sale – Purchasing Online Versus An Art Gallery

Where does a person go today to find modern art for sale? The two most obvious places are online and in an art gallery. Let’s take a look at both of these options and the pros and cons of each.

The big place to shop these days is online, and there are many good reasons to do so. First of all, if you live in a small town, the shopping possibilities are extremely magnified online. Second, the selection is a lot larger online than can be found locally, as a matter of fact, with the internet there is no limit to the art that can be found to be purchased. Third, you can easily price shop for the best deal. It is quick and easy to check the prices of multiple online stores, which can take an entire day plus more to drive all over town to check prices.

The cons are, that price shopping for a book is one thing, for a piece of art it is entirely different. It may be difficult to even find the same piece of art on different web sites, unless of course, you are purchasing a mass produced print. But the biggest con

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Now It Is Too Easy To Make An Amazing 3d Drawing

In previous time, making the 3d designs is quite difficult, but now, making the 3d designs is just become too easy with the help of designing software.
For making the designs in 2d is too easy, but if a person wants to see the design in 3 dimensions, then it will be quite tough for them because making the design in 3 dimensions is not an easy task, at the previous time. Thus, now it becomes possible, with the help of the cad i.e. computer aided design. It is software that is used for preparing the design of machines or any other thing in an effective manner. The Cad Software is used in the computer system to assist in the modification, creation, optimization, analysis of the designs. It will also use for improving the design of the quality, it will increase the productivity of the professionals i.e. designers, create the database for the manufacturing, as well as it will also enhance the communication through the documentation. In addition, the cad is also used for printing the electric files, machining, or the other manufacturing operations.
With the help of3d Drawing, one can easily develop the amazing models that are

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Tips for drawing pencil sketches fast!

Some people a bit ‘bored and frustrated when they spend there time struggling to add lines to improve their work, so if you need a simple but powerful, it’s time to pre-between, you’ll need to learn the proper technique, which helps you to capture the vital elements.

Firstly you should forget the rules. You are about to learn how to draw a different way and just go on the final result. Assuming you are happy with the pencil drawing end, it matters little whether you have used techniques to get there?

Remember that often (depending on the subject or the Committee) does not accurately reproduce the drawing. You can add your own elements to make it more personal.

Now I will suggest you that don’t try to be too fixed in style. Do experiment and try out different techniques, you may be pleasantly surprised that you like. Although painting and drawing is a very visual process, so try to add the emotions and feelings too in your pencil sketches, because it will add new expressions in your work, if you can feel the object, then it will be useful to others, to see their work.

When you are going to

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Buying Beautiful Paintings From San Diego Art Gallery

The best place to buy paintings is San Diego art gallery.

Are you looking out to buy a beautiful painting? In that case the best option with you is to buy the painting from the web. This option might surprise you in case you have not done it before and not even heard about it. But the fact is that there are a number of people that have already bought many painting from the online San Diego art gallery and are also very happy with the purchase. Don’t you think even you should go by this method and enjoy all the benefits that others have already did and are doing.

There are a number of advantages that you will enjoy by choosing the online option to buy a beautiful and amazing painting. You might be of the thought that you would not get as many options as you find in the mortar art gallery at the online art gallery. But the fact is that you will find many options on the web certainly more than what you find at the mortar art galleries. Thus it is wise for you to buy the paintings from the Internet and below mentioned are

Free Drawing

Drawing equal from other promotions like the game of chance, skill contests or other payment offers in that lottery are free mechanical phenomenon or entry fee is essential to enter. All you need to do is file with the establishment offering the lottery, and you’ll be desirable to win without having to spend a common penny. This means all the lottery (cash, car, home, vacation, online) are free. Credential with the establishment can be a long procedure or it can be short. Sometimes you will be asked to “contribute” a story or a direction about your life or being you know. In the case of free home makers online, you may have to countenance a story plus pictures of your home. Kostenlose Gewinnspiele With frees drawing, you have the opportunity to win anything from cash to cars, from a home reconstruction to a dream leisure time, and more. Free lottery offer a whole range of prizes. Examples of some sweepstakes are the “poetry” drawing. Endure a poem along with an entry form and you may win a cash prize, or win a brand new Lexus GS300 by just registering with the sponsor. There are many prizes to win when you

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A Short History of Ballet and Guitar

A Ballet is a type of simple dance and it is an attraction for its simplicity and beautiful presentation. The dancers don’t use words, not even a whisper and the message is conveyed through body movements, face expressions and gestures. On the other hand, guitar is a musical instrument consisting of a number of strings tied to its wooden frame. Guitar’s origin comes from Spain believed to be invented by Malaga people.

The word -ballet- is derived from French and was borrowed into English around the 17th century. All of the body parts and facial expression are used by Ballet dancers as mediums of communicating with the audience. Guitar was not very popular in its early years and it struggled to favor by the end of 19th century.

The guitar was never respected during the Renaissance period and it was not a serious instrument. On the other hand, dancing has always been a medium for men and women to express their feelings throughout the history. Dancing is often performed during festivals when everyone is celebrating and Ballet as a form of dancing was not very different.

France is historically connected with ballet and it is recognized as the place where

Architectural Drawing Services Cost Effective Architectural Services

DJS interiors PVT LTD Professional support architectural services, architectural drawing services, architectural construction details for global builders, architects, contractors.

Do you need quality Architectural Drafting Solutions at most competitive rates? We are professional architectural firm providing quality solutions for all architectural phases since last 11+ years.

We have expertise, methodology and resources in conversion of architectural drawings in to digitize formats.

You can save up to 60% on all over cost by outsourcing architectural Drafting projects to us.
We Provide Architectural Drafting Services like architectural home plan, building and structural design, architectural design, drawing, lighting plans, cost estimations, layering elevation and sections, cost estimations, layering, architectural home plan design, architectural rendering and 3D Modeling etc. at

Our architectural drafting services include:

Architectural Drafting
Floor & Roof Plans
Section Views
Interior Design
Land Scalping
Library Creation
Typical Detail Creation
Hand Sketch to CAD/Concept Plans to CAD

Samples :

We provide services to various offshore architectural firms, interior designers, building contractors and CADD solutions provider. Our clientele spans UK, Australia, USA and other European countries. We have always provides flexible pricing system with

Contemporary And Antique Art Work Available On Online Art Gallery San Diego

Many people love colleting collecting antiques. In such cases art gallery San Diego proves to be an ideal choice. They have ample collections of art pieces for your space. However you might be skeptical about the originality of the piece. But when it comes to buying original art or exquisite paintings you need to be highly careful. There are many fraud websites that offer to sell original art works at low rates. As a buyer you need to be highly careful.

Specialty of art gallery San Diego:

Online galleries save energy There are two ways of shopping from art galleries in San Diego. Either you fly to the place and visit all the local galleries personally or indulge in online art gallery shopping. When it comes to online art galleries in San Diego you get the opportunity to check out various paintings and art forms. Locating all the galleries under one roof has become possible with internet and online options of gallery. Online art gallery San Diego saves the time and effort of the buyers.

Multiplicity of options When it comes to online art galleries, they offer enormous options to be viewed. This is because there is no form of

Basic Structural Steel Drawings Useful For Fabrication & Erection

Structural Steel Fabricators that actually prepare the steel structure or building heavily depends on detailed drawings prepared by the steel detailer. The steel detailer produce these drawings using the construction drawings supplied by structural engineer depending on material availability and shop fittings. Below is a brief outline of essential drawings required during structural steel fabrication and erection.

Design Drawings:
These drawings are produced by structural engineers or architects. Design drawings contains all the details required to prepare structural drawings. They provide data on loads, axial forces, moments, and shear forces. It also contain information of each framing member, precise dimensions, location of each beam and column and general notes for reference.

Anchor Bolt Settings:
Anchor bolt plans explain settings of all anchor bolts with regard to the foundations or footings. Typically, the construction of the foundation has nothing to do with steel fabricators job but the masonry plans may contain some items which the steel fabricator need to furnish. They include leveling base plates, anchor bolts, grilles and machinery braces that must be positioned by the masonry person well before the erection of the steel framework. The steel fabricator supply final anchor bolt settings plan to the masonry

Type Drawing Iphone App – Drawing With Letter And Words

Classified as an Entertainment application, Type Drawing is much more than just a simple entertainment tool. Its an amazing iPhone application that perfectly brings out the creative ability of a user. Even if you are not a creative person or dont have the ability to hold a pencil properly, you will surely find the Type Drawing app interesting and fully fall in love with it. This incredible application will allow you to create the funniest image you could ever think of with letters, words and sentences. Every user as well as iPhone app developer has appreciated Type Drawing for its simplicity and uniqueness.

Type Drawing is a super simple and incredibly easy application that can entertain you in the true sense. Drawing with letters is what the app is all about. You can start by simply typing a letter, word or a sentence that you wish to tell someone and then just simply draw something on your iPhone screen. This way you can create stunning typography artworks or even make amazing wallpapers. It is simply amazing to watch the words spreads across the screen following the direction of your finger movement. If you move your finger from left to right,

Christmas Drawing Game

Christmas is a time for playing silly games with friends and family, it’s the fun and laughter that makes Christmas merry and memorable. The Christmas drawing game is great for young children, because you don’t need to be a great drawer because everyone is blindfolded. And it’s great for elderly members of the family, because it’s a sit down game. It’s great fun for two or more players, of any age. Remember: You don’t need to be able to draw well, because even Rolf Harris’ picture would turn out scruffy in this game because everyone is blindfolded!


How to play
Blindfold each person, and give him or her a pencil and paper and something to lean on. If you don’t have enough blindfolds you can ask people to close their eyes, but no peeping!

Whilst the players are all blindfolded tell them to draw what you tell them to-

First draw a fireplace.

Pause between telling them the instructions to give them time to draw.

Draw a tall Christmas tree on the right hand on the fireplace.

Draw fire burning in the fireplace.

Draw a star on the top of the Christmas tree.

On the mantle piece draw two Christmas stockings

Pencil Drawing Tips And Techniques To Become An Artist

Are you an artist at heart? Each and every person is born with a talent. Later on when they grow up they need to nurture the talent so that they can make it big. Drawing is such a talent which is present in lots of people.

But it is important to learn certain things to make it perfect. If you have the wish to become a great artist then you should always try to choose the best drawing tutorials for yourself where you can work to develop your passion.

Some people want to keep this as their hobby while others want to take up drawing professionally. If you want to become a professional then it is very important to learn the basics of drawing. Pencil drawing is what you should always start with.

This is the initial stage and if you are capable of creating masterpieces with pencils then you can surely do it with colors. There are various drawing techniques that you need to learn while drawing with a pencil. Drawing tutorials are widely available these days so you can learn to draw easily.

You just need to make sure you follow the drawing tips that are provided by

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Mechanical Assembly Drawings And Designs Services

MEP Outsourcing Services is a leading mechanical drafting and design services Provider Company offering highly accurate assemble drawings services for mechanical products and components to worldwide clients. An assembly drawing shows how all of the parts of a multi-component design fit together, and are generally depicted as one or more orthographic projections. One or more full section views are often used in assembly drawings to show necessary internal features. There are several different types of assembly drawings and designs. They are outline or setting drawings, erection drawings, assembly working drawings, diagram drawings, part assembly drawings, and general assembly drawings.

MEP Engineering India types of Assembly Drawings services

Design Assembly
General Assembly
Detail Assembly
Erection Assembly
Pictorial Assembly

Our Assembly Drawing Benefit:

The final output is editable and will be in DXF or DWG (or any other CAD format) because we create the drawing as a new file.
We can create as many layers as you require. We generate separate layers for dimensions, text, body, hidden lines, and centerlines, etc
Text is separated and has its own layer and is recognizable as text
Dimensions are intact and are shown by a separate layer

Taking Life Drawing Classes Melbourne Online

Online drawing tutorials have lots of advantages for every single person who has hidden desire to learn as to how to sketch different things around them. Since there are many people who love to indulge into an art and drawing, such sites have come into view as a great drawing solution for them. Those who wish to have the learning of the art of drawing now do not have to be present to attend the regular drawing classes as now they can learn almost everything under with the help of online life drawing classes Melbourne tutorials that are constructed keeping in mind those who wants to have quality learning experience but usually cannot pursue as they have a busy professional schedule. Here are some of the great benefits of these online resources to help you out.

The online drawing classes provide a great number of art tutorials which can help one to adapt more about drawing different things and objects in more refined manner. There are different people who like to draw different stuff, the wide choice of tutorials enable kids as well as grownups to learn as how to draw what they enjoy the best. These include popular cartoon

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What Is So Special About Fine Art Gallery San Diego

Features that the fine art gallery San Diego on the internet has are mentioned.

San Diego proudly boasts various museums like San Diego Museum of Art, Natural History Museum etc. Certainly this place and its inhabitants have art in their roots. Also the art of San Diego is appreciated worldwide. This has encouraged various online galleries like fine art gallery San Diego to go international.


The artists who display their work in fine art gallery San Diego are not restricted to one specific medium. There are sculptures, paintings, photographs etc. to showcase their artistic opinion. Also the online galleries offer an in detail explanation to the art works that are being put up in their gallery. Artists are allowed to create their profile and inform the online visitors about their achievements and work.

Easy Buying:

Can you imagine taking out some time out of your daily routine to visit a mortar gallery of fine art in San Diego? The answer would be obviously NO! But how would all the lovers of fine art curb their urge to collect fine art? It is simple! They can find various online options like fine art gallery San Diego.

Shopping made Organized: